Square Card Launch – Role: Creative Director

In 2019, Square released the Square Card, which gave sellers instant access to their funds as soon as they made a sale. Sellers could keep business expenses separate from personal expenses, making accounting easier, and giving their business better chances of survival. And the cards could be personalized with a logo, sketch, or signature to create your own "signature story." This became an art directional element that ran through our entire campaign, from the launch film, to the web, and at every touchpoint in between. As a result, the campaign exceeded the product team's goals by 250%. Art Director: Andrea Stadelman. Copywriter: Erin Smith. Illustrator: Christopher DeLorenzo. Production House: Moving Colour.


Launch Film This longform piece was linked on the Square home page to let sellers know about Square Card. We engaged current Square sellers with an email campaign, social ads that featured :15 cutdowns of this piece, and banner ads.


Banner Ads We found placements where different-sized assets could run near one another, allowing us to hit audiences with multiple messages at the same time. Social media, email, and print executions all drove to Square.com, and then to the Square Card product page.

Marketing Website Click the gif below to get a closer look at the product page copy.