Square Point of Sale – Overview – Role: CD. We were able to add story and narrative to what would have been a garden-variety product explainer video.

Punchies :15 – The new candy from Sour Punch is fruitacular! – We were on such a tight budget, I mixed the audio track from stock music in Audacity.

Pendulum :30 – You either love or hate it: the polarizing Scion xB.

Square Register – Teaser and Overview videos – Role: Copywriter. We put a twist on the sleek tech device against a black background product launch video, by setting it in a shop just opening for business in the wee hours of the morning.


Square Payments Awareness Campaign – Role: Copy Lead. As the company matured, we wanted to create social videos that would let audiences know that Square payments were fast, secure, and that we were constantly protecting you from bad actors.


Square Point of Sale Awareness – Role: Copy Lead. It's so easy to think of Square as the little white reader and calculator app where you type in the cost of the sale. Still, you can get so much more from the free app—you can collect sales and customer data, do better business with inventory and sales reports, and collect feedback from your customers. We let audiences know in these social spots.

Lexus GS – Super Bowl spot and sustainment

Take on the Machine – Cinema Spot

What Moves You – tC creative repurposed for Scion Canada launch

Plastic Logic QUE Reader Sizzle Video


Scion Pure Process – Surprisingly Easy – Just see how easy it is to get a car from Scion. You build it online and go pick it up!


Scion xB – For The Road – Sustainment

Fable of the Deviants and Pitstop – Scion xD Launch and Sustainment

Microsampling – Scion Brand

Be None of Us – Scion Brand

Many Paths Lead to One Price – Scion xD & xB Regional

Street Art Films – Scion Regional Car Porn