Square Developer Awareness – Role: Creative Director

Square had finally made it so software developers could let clients take payments in person, online, and in-app. Most developers knew us for our in-person card reader, but we had to let them know there was more they could do with Square. We ran banners and video for social and YouTube, and designed our :30 and :06 pieces with the same opening and closing images so the videos could loop. We had 119% increase in unique prospect visitors to our product page, and 188% Google query volume for branded terms. The :06 videos did better on social, and the :15s were more successful on YouTube with a 93% completion rate.
Designer: Julio Sotomayor, Copywriter: Erin Smith, Motion House: First Person

Video assets The latest feature to announce was that developers could now take payments in their custom app, in addition to online and in-person sales.



Social :06 videos were made to loop for stickiness and were most successful on Facebook and Twitter. These were set to autoplay within posts that communicated our omnichannel messaging.



Pre-launch The campaign as a whole ran over a 9-month period as new features and capabilities were rolled out. In the first half, we reminded developers that we were the payments company they knew from their local in-person experiences, but now they could use us for their clients' online sales.



Banners The pre-launch campaign had a series of static and animated banners with consistent messaging.



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