Square – The People Have Spoken – Role: Creative Lead and Copywriter

As Square built its ecosystem of products for sellers, we had never produced an integrated brand and product campaign to promote awareness and adoption. The creative nugget here came from the vast number of tweets and emails from our sellers thanking us for our products, letting us know how we had changed their lives.

We found a collection of compelling sellers and set out to let them tell their stories in their own words. While the initial ask was to create work that would increase acquisition numbers and brand appeal, we found that we could also develop content to promote many of our new products. We ended up creating video, social, and direct mail assets that drove to a landing page hub for our six featured sellers, and then we created additional assets for add-on products and upmarket promotion. Art Director: Daniel Scrivner. Director: Michael Jacobs. DP: James Laxton.


Broadcast Spots 30 seconds isn't a lot of time so for our TVC pieces—we needed to introduce our sellers, explain what Square was, and hit our main value propositions that Square is easy to set up, and that you get your money fast. We did this successfully and then told our sellers' more complete stories online.




Longform Videos For each of our sellers, we wanted to give them a platform to tell a longer story—to talk about their business, how they got involved with Square, what products they used, and we wanted to hear how Square had affected their business' growth. We created a template structure that helped tell a full story in a relatively short amount of time.



Social Facebook was our main social channel for this campaign and we ran static, carousel, and video ads. In all, we produced over 20 different videos promoting different sellers and different Square products.


Direct Mail Direct mail had been one of our most successful channels as Square focused on urban and suburban neighborhoods with many up and coming new businesses so we made sure to capture assets that could be used here too.


Marketing Website Broadcast TV drove to Square.com, while other channels drove to the campaign landing page that linked out to the individual sellers' pages. This was the first time the Square website had any rollover gifs or image carousels. We had to bribe the web developer to get this custom work done! Click any of the preview images to read the stories.


Additional products We heard so much positive feedback from our sellers that we were able to develop paid and owned marketing materials for Square Appointments, Invoices, Capital, Dashboard, Marketing, Payroll, in addition to more sales tools used to pitch Enterprise sellers.

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