Square Terminal Global Launch – Role: Creative Director

Square Terminal was the first piece of Square hardware launched consecutively in multiple global regions (US, CA-ENG, CA-FR, UK, AU). We created videos, banners, social ads, DM, tutorials, and an email outreach campaign that all drove to our product landing page. We also developed sales materials to support enterprise-level customers. This was my first campaign as CD and I had to build a second creative team for the tutorial pieces because it was too much for any one team to handle in the time we had to go to market. Copywriter: Kae Yen Wong, Art Director: Andrea Stadelman, Tutorial Copywriter: Kari Keller.

Video assets We developed :30, :15, and :06 pieces featuring three different types of sellers for TV and other paid media channels. This longer piece lived online at our landing page to show off all the benefits of the new payment terminal.



Paid banners We developed both static and animated banners to run in conjunction with one another that allowed us to serve more benefits and more creative to audiences with a single impression.



Social We ran a robust social campaign with static, carousel, and video ads. Carousel executions featured animated gifs in the first window to create a more engaging experience. And messaging was updated during the campaign to progress from awareness to conversion.


Direct mail This piece was sent to businesses that fit our target for new signups to Square.


Email Current Square sellers received email announcements to give them the opportunity to upgrade their business to Square Terminal.


Enterprise Brochures were developed to help the Square Sales team reach out to upmarket businesses.


Product page All media drove to our product landing page. This page was the first on Square.com to feature moving video in the hero section on the page. Click here to see the full web page in a new window.


Tutorials To make sure our sellers had all the tools they needed at launch, we developed detailed tutorial videos to help them get started. These videos were localized for all regions, and in some cases, product screens were not available for our shoot, so we had to forecast what screens would look like and where our talent should place their fingers. We also needed to prepare this content to run as long-form pieces as well as cutdown links that could live on their own.




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