Square Testimonials

It's been said that your Brand is your Product and your Product is your Brand. That holds true at Square. Brand perception is only as good as what people think about the Product. And Square sellers love what Square does for their business, and for the lives of everyone associated with their business. Consequently, seller testimonials are a huge part of the Square marketing strategy. I always loved doing these most, because seeing the effect we have on people's lives is what makes this type of work so rewarding. I served as a copywriter, crafting sellers' stories for many years, and then directed other creatives as they took on testimonials too. Here are just a few examples.


Square Celebrates Independent Business In 2015, we partnered with American Express to celebrate Small Business Saturday. We wanted to tell the stories of a few of our sellers. I went through hundreds of pages of interview transcripts with 15 different sellers and I found a common thread in their stories—they all went to school, did all the things they were supposed to do, only to find themselves in an economy with no jobs. So they needed to start their own businesses. Square gave them the tools to get going and they found doing their own thing to be extremely rewarding. This is a favorite piece for me. Editor: Carl Sturgess.


Empire Tea & Coffee 2020 was a year when a lot of businesses needed to adapt due to the pandemic. Owner CJ Barone partnered with the Craver app, MarketMan, and Fresh KDS to alllow his customers to order online, pick up at the window safely, and go on about their day. This was the first piece we shot remotely after the beginning of the shutdown. Copywriter: Vanessa Johnson. Art Director: Erin Robert.


Ogden Raptors As Square built a more robust ecosystem of products made to work together for enterprise-level businesses, we created a system that allowed customers to order food from their seat to be picked up in an express line. The organization was also able to track customer behavior for a full-day's experience at the ballpark, from parking, to food, to souvenirs. Copywriter: Vanessa Johnson. Art Director: Andrea Stadelman. Director: Evan Groll. Editor: Steven Dupré.


Square Point of Sale In 2020–2021, we needed to let audiences know that Square offered more solutions for businesses than payments, and that these tools could help them through the pandemic. These next three pieces were all shot remotely. Crews were consistently masked, and anyone seen maskless was rigorously tested and often from the same pod. The safety of our sellers and staff always came first, sometimes causing us to pivot from one seller's story to another very quickly. Copywriter: Addie Diradoorian. Art Director: Michael Arguello.



Square Invoices We shot three separate sellers to show how Square Invoices could help different kinds of Professional Services businesses. We made bespoke videos for each seller that focused on the benefits of the software most relevant for each business, but this mega-cut of all three businesses is what ended up getting the most attention on our product and solution set pages. Copywriter: James King. Art Director: Michael Arguello.


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