Square Unboxed '21 – Make Connections – Role: Creative Director

Unboxed was traditionally an annual event that gathered and celebrated our Developer and Partnership communities. 2020 split us apart socially and politically, not to mention physically. Our research in Spring '21 showed that people craved togetherness and community more than ever. We created a virtual event to connect the developer audience with Square in the same way that Square APIs and Partnerships help bridge all parts of a sellerís business. Unboxed 2021 showed businesses how to create stronger connections with their customers, making up for everything that had become so disconnected.

We gave developers the opportunity to connect with one another and learn how they could use Square tools to help sellers connect different sides of their business and deliver better experiences for their customers.

The event was a massive production with 43 speakers filling 5 hours of content, including 7 produced videos, 3 prerecorded interview panels and more live informational events. The marketing website went through three iterations to feature tease, pre-event, and post-event content. We designed the web portal experience, and over 10 different live sets. All in all, we had over 675 live visitors to the web platform and 600k unique viewers on Twitter with 45% retention. Oh, side note: I named the event back when I was an IC and Square has stuck with it ever since. Art Director: Erin Robert. Copywriter: Vanessa Johnson. Designer: Jared Kitade.

Sizzle Video Here's a quick summary of the event if you only have a couple minutes.

Featured Testimonials Our team was stretched extremely thin during the development of this campaign so I was particularly hands-on during the production of these two pieces, especially this live action testimonial for Small World Seafood.

Event Teaser, Intro, Outro, and Transition Videos The Teaser was featured on the pre-launch iteration of the marketing web page and shared in Emails. The other pieces were woven into the run of the show on the day of the event.

Run of Show We planned for every shot and transition of the event webcast. This is what the first half looked like.


Web Platform While our design options were limited, we were able to deliver pre-recorded and live content to our audience on the day of the event with consistent art directional elements in camera, overlaid on video, and embedded into the platform itself.

UB21Lauren      UB21Marylise

UB21Gabriella      UB21Simone

Marketing Website The landing page for the event was updated three times during the campaign. We started with a teaser message, then gradually added more content as our schedule and presenters were approved internally, and concluded with a summary message and thank you to our attendees. Audiences could always go back and re-watch content from the event going forward.


Email Outreach In addition to targeted Social marketing on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, we reached out to our existing Partner and Developer audiences with a lifecycle of invitation, nudge reminder, and thank you emails ensuring that registrants would come back to attend the event on the big day. Our code-inspired art directional elements and our message of connections were present in all materials.


Results The event was considered a success by our marketing team, with 14% YoY growth in the number of signups, 45% retention for those who attended the event, and some really outstanding qualitative feedback. Audiences learned a ton and left with a strong brand experience from Square.